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swann_logoSwann CCTV products are one of the most popular consumer CCTV brands in the UK and worldwide. The Australian company’s products come in full retail packaging with all cameras including cable, a power adapter and instructions. Their one box CCTV System kits are fantastic value for money and are ideal for homes and small businesses alike.

Swann CCTV products are designed to be easy to setup and use. For more advanced CCTV systems, which can be customised for specific needs head over to the main i CCTV Systems website and take a look at the QVIS range, a professional installers brand offering greater flexibility at a lower price point too.

We are not Swann РFor Swann Tech Support Call 0203 027 0979, email uksupport@swannsecurity.com or visit http://www.swann.com/uk/

6 thoughts on “Swann CCTV – UK Info”

  1. I just cannot get any response from SWANN at all.
    My e-mailed notes to Tech Sup[port are acknowledged but not replied to.
    A letter of complaint to the MD has also been ignored, this situation is completely opposite to occasions over the last 10 years or so when I found SWANN to be helpful and caring.


  2. I purchased a Swann Pro- series security camera system several years ago which remained in the box for a further 13 months,
    However I have been unable to set the system up to record or move the camera. I have contacted the customer support who informed me that it was the power adapter at fault, a new adaptor was sent and fitted without success . Could it be the recorder part of the system, I’m going away for several months and would have liked the system working.

    I purchased a swann pro- series camera set approx 2 years ago as I was informed that this was a good system, however it remained boxed for a further 13 months before I decided to install it, since the installation I have been unable to record from the camera or indeed move the revolving ball camera.
    I contacted customer support who informed me it was the power adaptor plug and a new one was dispatched, no improvement camera recording still not working any ideas

    1. Hi, What model camera is it and where did you buy it from? If you were getting a picture from the camera then it was unlikely the power supply. Sounds like a PTZ camera and you have to make sure the control wires are plugged into the back of the DVR and not the remote provided. All recording settings are done on the DVR on analogue cameras.

  3. Hi I have a ultimate optical zoom security camera. It was working but has now stopped working. I plugged another camera exactly the same into the leads and that one worked. So I’m assuming its a faulty camera. Any idea what the problem could be.

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